Women’s Latest Fashion: Online Bingo

How to dress and play in style

Aside from fashion, women nowadays have another obsession – online bingo. It is so popular that about eight percent of the population plays online bingo – 10% of all women and 5% of all men. While middle–aged to older women prefer to visit bingo halls, online bingo mostly caters to the younger crowd. According to The Good Gambling Guy, the online bingo demographic is mainly younger female players. It is reported that bingo is the most popular online leisure pursuit among women in the 20 to 25 age group.

Online bingo sites’ vast female following can be attributed to their social media channels. Through its Twitter account, online bingo site CheekyBingo aims to promote a sense of community where its female players, especially fashion lovers, can interact with one another. In fact, the online bingo site conducted a survey among its followers about the best dressed personalities at the recently-concluded Brit Music Awards.
Even women celebrities are fans of online bingo. Actress Courteney Cox may have a hectic and busy lifestyle, but this doesn’t stop her from playing online bingo to unwind between shoots. She often plays a few rounds with fellow celebs Paris Hilton and talk-show host Rikki Lake. Women love playing online bingo because they get to enjoy the game without leaving the house and for women on the go, they can download the apps through their mobile devices.
Some women play online bingo for entertainment, some play for money. A lot of women play bingo not only for fun, but also as a way to make some side money for simple luxuries such as fashion. Let’s face it, it is hard to spend money on things that you don’t really need especially with a tough economy. Online bingo is still a game of chance thus, does not guarantee instant profit. When you’re lucky, you can win a little but decent prize, which you can splurge on fashion or whatever else you’re interested in.
Online bingo itself has become a part of women’s fashion and everyday life. Thanks to the Internet, women can shop for clothes and accessories online and at the same time make money while playing online bingo. You can check out the Harpers Bazaar website for some of Courteney Cox’s fashion ensembles. Copy some of the looks and you can play online bingo in style!

Coco made me do it

The good weekend happens fast and we’re back to Monday. Actually I’ve taken a mini vacation and I have lagged a bit, but soon I will make it up to you with a look that I’m sure you’ll love. I’ve been lucky enough to spend the weekend with my family for a few great days in the south.
But on with the look that I mentioned today. These days the weather is like this: in the morning it’s a little cold but during the day we die of heat. I chose a total black look with a trend which we have seen this season: the shirts with messages . The truth that has become a staple and I do look very funny. In this case I wear A “Coco made ​​me do it”. To combine, s black and white stripes skinny jeans, pinstriped jacket with studs and my favorite wedges for this summer are Venca . When I saw them I fell in love, as it seemed very original with geometric print with.
Made in Spain : If you follow me on instagram, you have seen that I never take off my new wood sunglasses by Moler. Moler makes all their glasses handmade in Spain, so there will never be two completely identical. I’m in love with them and I find the perfect accessory for summer. I think I will start collecting all models. hahahahaha

Spring is coming

Spring is here (though at times it may not seem so) and it is usually and officially the start of the season of social events (weddings, communions, etc). There are many options to choose from; in my case I usually prefer to choose the not overly expensive dresses and then go for accessories. Today, I will share with you three looks, three short dresses, but with different styles.

The first look is a dress in sky blue color (an important color this season), asymmetrical neckline and flared. As accessories: some simple pink sandals, a clutch of vintage style with blue and silver shades, and hair beads a wall Be Lucia .

In the second look, we repeat the asymmetrical neckline, but in coral pink and with a tighter cut on top. The sandals in gold to match the gold in the dress neckline detail and a turquoise clutch to add a new color to the look.

And finally, a look for the party at night, this dress is in midnight blue with a sweetheart neckline. To simplify and achieve the fullest effect and not fall into a blue overall look, the shoes are in black color.

Here’s my look for the first party of the season

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